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Aliveness! Through creative practice

This course is an invitation to remember, invent, and discover ways we can engage with our creativity and get back in touch with the parts of our lives that are joyful and meaningful.

Anti-Burnout Artists Spa

Restorative Drawing for Artists. Are you a visual artist who's been feeling blah about it lately? We'll rediscover the joy of it via playful drawing exercises and low-stakes sharing.

Anti-Perfectionism Drawing

A series of exercises to overcome the perfectionism that holds us back from drawing more. We’ll use constraints that make perfection impossible, like blind contour, rapid gesture drawing, and more.

Antifragile Writing

Designing a writing framework not just chaos proof, but that grows and gains from stressors. Come if you prefer jungles to gardens, freewriting instead of slip boxes. If you aren't afraid of disorder.

Archiving as a Creative Practice

An introduction to “casual” archiving, focused on developing personal methodologies that allow us to engage on a more intimate level with found and historic materials.

Art of Memory

We'll rediscover, explore, and practice several ancient memory techniques to dramatically improve and expand our ability to memorize a vast array of knowledge.

Artificial World Building

Learn what are the logic rules behind natural phenomenons and how we can simulate and modify them using a computer

Build Your Antilibrary

Build a great personal library (what you read) — and antilibrary (infinite potential reading). Define your reading goals and implement effective, practical, personal strategies for relating to books.

Building Online Communities

Online communities are the foundation of how we communicate with each other online. There are several various types of online communities, and in this course, we'll learn how to build one together.

Building a Rules Light Tabletop Game

In this class we’ll explore minimalistic “rules light” rulesets for tabletop games. See how they can quickly shape players sense of a world and focus the kind of stories being told then build our own.

Comics Making for Life

Create your own comics in great company in this virtual bootcamp. Using tools and concepts from comics and visual language theory, you'll develop a comics-making practice that suits your unique needs.

Crochet Foundations

This course is intended to introduce you to the basics of crocheting through interactive sessions so that you can follow patterns and make everything you ever wanted!

Design Neighborhood Scale Software

Learn about early stage design by defining your idea for neighborhood scale software. Examining cybernetics and Ostromian economics, we'll explore theory while applying it to the design process.

Digital Alchemy

An experimental course on understanding low level representation of information. By exploring how to transmute data; and by playing around with boundaries of creation & representation.

English Grammar: The Missing Course

Learn all the grammar they should have taught you in school – this time without the stress or judgement. We'll explore the nuts and bolts of how the English language works and what makes it unique.

Esoteric Programming Language Theory

Explore programming languages that eschew practicality and challenge received ideas of what computation is and how languages are designed — from obfuscatory to minimalist to non-textual and beyond.

Fantastic Beasts for the Home and Garden

Cultivate animal familiars, plant companions, and fungal allies in this project-based course on intimacy, ecology, and what it means to be human in the post-anthropocene.

GUIs Through Art History

Explore new styles of graphical user interface design inspired by art history movements.

Gender in Digital Interfaces

Explore cultural notions about gender as they apply to design and technology, in order to imagine more exciting and equitable futures!

Graphic Catalysis

In this course we will examine our personal creative practices and use a systems-based approach to explore, generate, and document new transformative procedures using Photoshop and web apps.

I Ching as a Tool for Thought

Learn about tools for thought, the I Ching, and how to bring the two together in an I Ching consultation practice to explore interpretation, uncertainty, problem-solving and more.

Infinite Art

Explore systems for creating an infinite number of works of art, both imaginary and real. Embrace playful systems for inspiration and art-making, and create a personal generative art-making system.

Internet Homesteading

Build yourself a home on the internet (a website) with a toolchain you understand from the ground up.

Internet of Absurdity

We’ll examine how everything is connected and teach you how to make your own internet-connected (possibly absurd) device! The course will cover iot networking tools and use circuitpython for coding .

Inventing Alphabets

Invent an alphabet of your own and learn about the history and structure of the world's writing systems, from cuneiform to kanji, along the way.

Journaling for the Long Haul

This class will guide you through creating a journaling practice that works for you by identifying your goals, introducing you to inspiration, and setting up a habit.

Language Construction Workshop

Learn about how language works by building your own! Create your own language from scratch for world-building, personal use, or simply as an artistic pursuit.

Language and Thought

Does language determine, influence, or merely represent thought? We'll explore the Sapir-Whorf debate by reading and discussing key texts in linguistics, anthropology, psychology, & cognitive science.

Liberation Through Automation!?

Does technological automation liberate us from drudgery or make us slaves to machines? In this course, we will explore this question through a series of existential experiments.

Meta-Skills for Language Learning

An accessible introduction to the science and practice of language learning. You'll build a toolkit you can use for a lifetime of more confident language acquisition.

Neostalgic Computing

Through a speculative design process, we'll reflect on our relationships with computing technologies and reimagine them from a hyper-personal, retrospective, and healing lens.

Once Upon a Type

We're going to explore Web Typography! This is a group project based learning experience. We will be working as as a team to type set a short ✧༺:༻∞ fairy tale, myth, poem or legend∞༺:༻✧ for the web!

Personal Cinema by Way of Beginner's Mind

"We do not tell stories as they are," Anaïs Nin wrote, "We tell stories as we are." Develop your creative voice by utilizing the Beginner's Mind technique to make short home movies.

Principles of Animation

Get started animating using affordable software and accessible materials. This course will cover the basics of imitating motion and expose students to a wide variety of animation techniques.

Steal Like an Animator

This course is an introduction to animation using After Effects by emulating our favourite motion design artists. We’ll cover how to break down existing animations and create our own using AE.

Stop Thinking in Circles

Break free of frustrating mental loops with this set of cognitive, emotional, and philosophical skills — whether to better understand your past, or handle your present and future with more confidence.

The Book is a Program

A practical exploration in dual-publishing websites and printed books, using Pollen, LaTeX, and the Racket programming language.

The Home Collection Game

Roleplay as secret agents and supervillains as you learn to apply museum knowledge on preventive conservation and create tailored preservation measures for your own home collections.

The Meta Course

Hyperlink's workshop for generating effective learning structures from interesting ideas. Join to design, facilitate, and iterate on courses and learning clubs — let's experiment together!

Unlocking the Commons

A practical introduction to funding models for open creative work. Bring a project — blog, podcast, software, art — and we'll explore approaches, tools and strategies to make it sustainable.

Websites for Creatives

Giving creatives/artists the tools and understanding to design and code their own site that’s centered around a creative endeavor. Handling website craft as an art, and a form of gardening.

Whose Land Is This Anyway?

An introduction to Indigenous teachings, histories and world views for non-Indigenous people living across Turtle Island. Begin to foster a balanced and respectful relationship with the land.

Write a Micro-Textbook

Write a complete first draft of a micro-textbook on a subject of your choice. Sharpen your own understanding and distill your expertise into something you can publish, teach, or sell.

Writing on Paper in the Digital Age

The paperless future never arrived—analog and digital writing systems coexist. How can we have the best of both worlds? We'll review mediums, techniques, tools, and workflows for using both together.

Writing the Future of Text

Join us to be inspired, engage in dialog & write the future of text. Your work will be featured in the second edition of 'The Future of Text' and you will use newly developed software.