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Aliveness! Through creative practice

This course is an invitation to remember, invent, and discover ways we can engage with our creativity and get back in touch with the parts of our lives that are joyful and meaningful.

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Course Goals

Why is it so hard to prioritize and actually do things that make us feel alive?

In this course we will remember, invent, and discover the ways we can engage with our creativity, and get back in touch with the parts of our lives that are joyful and meaningful. This course is an invitation... You will be asked to do things- whether it's writing or drawing stick figures or jumping up and down in your room in a way that feels good - is completely up to you.

In addition to class time, you will be asked to set aside time to work on creative projects, and spend at least five minutes each day reflecting and writing.


The course takes place over 4 weeks.

Each week we will meet to discuss the week's theme.

In addition, there will be an optional weekly session to provide support, ie time and space for actually doing.

Syllabus / Schedule

  • Week 1: Wherever you are: choose to begin.
  • Week 2: Who did I want to be? What did I want to do? What did it feel like to play?
  • Week 3: You are not alone! Doing the work and receiving help
  • Week 4: Sharing & Celebration!... and then what's next?

Who Should Sign Up

There is no requirement for any particular creative talent.

You will be asked to try new things, and to connect with others in the course, so it would be helpful if those sound nice to you. :slight_smile:

4 weeksUp to 10 learners

No particular creative ability is required. Please come with a willingness to try out things that are new, and an openness to connect with others.

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