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The Team



I've been learning to make technology for learning in one form or another since I graduated high school. That path's taken me through blockchains and peer-to-peer systems, to text-editors and programming languages.

My interests: weird synthesizers, sci-fi and fantasy worlds, free software and information theory.



Before Hyperlink I was a Product Designer. In my free time I enjoy making clothes, making pots and dishes, making tables, making paper sculptures, and making other stuff. Despite what this sounds like I also enjoy buying things.

My interests: havin' a good time over a diet coke and some cake. And of course: lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.



I like to make things, in many media: photography to film, hip-hop lyrics to websites. Before Hyperlink, I helped build a learning platform for guitarists. I also run Antilibraries, a book curation site and bibliophile community.

My interests: indie creator economics, libraries, pedagogy, poetics, translation, deep time, the open web.