Hyperlink is making something new 🌱

Imagine: a garden — workshop — playground — for internet creators to…

  • Work & learn in public: share projects online; shape your profile
  • Build scenes & squads: explore with friends; find collaborators
  • Focus attention & energy: iterate; do meaningful long-term work

Evolving from our experiments with clubs and courses and hyperspace

We're building a social network of interlinked, card-based activity spaces for learning and creating.

Think Twitter meets HyperCard meets studios and makerspaces.

We want more from the tools we use and the systems we inhabit.

We learn across lifetimes, in complex and evolving ways. Reading groups and writing projects; big questions and personal challenges; conversations with friends.

We know the internet is more than a medium for knowledge and experience. At its best it's also a living ecosystem for deep inquiry, creative risk, expressive play.

We dream of a place where we can play with ideas and intentions, mold them into meaningful shapes, and amplify their vital energy together.

Right now, we're designing Hyperlink to be particularly good for:

  • Creating clubs: spin up learning circles, small groups + big ideas
  • Social projects: organize your work, share, hype each other up

We're building with intention, slowly inviting folks to experiment and play with us :)

If this vision resonates, please drop your email for updates and we'll roll out alpha invites as soon as we can ✨ ⟱

More soon!

—Jared, Celine, Brendan