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Journaling for the Long Haul

This class will guide you through creating a journaling practice that works for you by identifying your goals, introducing you to inspiration, and setting up a habit.

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Course Goals

The central thesis of this course is: what you pay attention to is what grows. Journaling is a method of self reflection and an intimate conversation over time. It can also be a hard habit to stick to.

This class will guide you through creating a journaling practice that works for you. Through peer discussion and individual exercises we will ask and answer the following questions:

What is our personal purpose in journaling? What are the various forms “a journal” can take? Who is the audience we are writing for? What holds us back from starting (or continuing) a practice?

“Superficial to understand the journal as just a receptacle for one’s private, secret thoughts...In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could do to any person; I create myself. The journal is a vehicle for my sense of selfhood” -Susan Sontag


5 sessions, 1hr weekly together. Optional co-journaling sessions once a week.

Syllabus / Schedule

Week 1: Introductions & Personal Journal Archives

We'll introduce ourselves, discuss our personal reasons for beginning a journaling practice. After class this week, you'll be revisiting your own personal archive, previous journals, emails, scraps, etc.

Week 2: Expanding Definitions, Mediums & Purpose

This week we'll discuss the bounds of what a journal "is". After class, you'll choose 1-2 methods for experimentation .

Week 3: Inner voices

This week we'll discuss ourselves as narrators of our lives. Outside of class, you'll examine your own personal narrative.

Week 4: Habits

This week we'll discuss habit building. Outside of class, you'll narrow in on the kind of journal you want to create.

Week 5: First Page Manifestos

You've done the tough work of identifying what you want from a journaling practice. In our final session together, we'll gather together our creative supplies and decorate our physical or digital "first pages" and have a final discussion.


-Your why statement, a personal manifesto for beginning your journal -Experimental journaling responses -Habit and action plan

Who Should Sign Up

Folks who are curious about themselves and the world around them. Folks who are interested in beginning or continuing a journaling practice. That might look like: a daily photo, a habit diary, a gratitude practice. We'll explore and push the definition of what a journal can be.

5 WeeksUp to 8 learners

No prior experience required.

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