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The Meta Course

Hyperlink's workshop for generating effective learning structures from interesting ideas. Join to design, facilitate, and iterate on courses and learning clubs — let's experiment together!

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Meta, for Courses & More

The Meta Course is a laboratory for generating learning.

It's a cohort for creating innovative structures and alternative pedagogies; a space to play and build and try and fail and iterate together.

Who Should Join

Experienced teachers and novices; artists and hackers and explorers; people more interested in leading peer groups than being a teacher; people building their own independent learning communities and interested in collaboration.

If you're eager to experiment with internet learning, we'd love to have you join.

🌱 Come to start working on a new idea. Come to iterate on a course you've already started. Come to jam on ideas for learning clubs. Come to design new meta-structures and organizational forms for learning. Come to play. 🌱

The only prerequisites are to come with an idea (or a few!) you'd like to explore.


  • Design the foundations of a thoughtful learning experience (course, learning club…or perhaps something else!)
  • Get to know a community of awesome teachers / learners; share useful feedback and have fun iterating on ideas together
  • Prepare to run your first cohort so you can learn from the experience and continue playing the infinite game of teaching and learning


We've redesigned the Meta Course, and brought it in Hyperspace, our new platform for collaborative learning. This time, we're trying a slightly accelerated timeline…

  • 3 weeks, 6 live calls for discussion and feedback (join at least one / week)
  • Asynchronous resources and activities in Hyperspace (you can do these at your own pace, so you can participate at any stage or even join repeated cohorts)
  • We'll create this experience together in each cohort, and add workshop sessions on specific topics as needed

For more info, visit the Meta Course page in Hyperspace.

Interested in Joining?

🔹 If you're thinking about a course or club, submit ideas at the forms linked here and we'll get back to you soon.

🔹 If you're thinking about something else (or have questions!) please email us and tell us a bit what you have in mind.

The Meta Course is free but we do have limited capacity; if it seems like a good fit we'll chat more and invite you to enroll.

5 weeksUp to 20 learners

A clear idea for a topic, and at least a rough idea of its scope and structure.

Looks like there aren't any cohorts planned :(

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