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Pilot Cohort - HoIA

House of Interdisciplinary Autodidacts

Join fellow autodidacts to explore intriguing interdisciplinary questions together and to learn the secrets of leveraging the web for more professional autonomy and free-agency.

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SAT, MAY 15 4:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

1st Meetup: Interdisciplinary Autodidactism - What and Why?

SAT, MAY 22 4:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

2nd Meetup: Territory Exploration & Generative Questions

SAT, MAY 29 4:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

3rd Meetup: Brain Input for Smart Self-Learning

SAT, JUN 5 4:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

4th Meetup: Creating a Public Artifact

SAT, JUN 12 4:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

5th Meetup: Peer-Collaboration & Networked Career