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House of Interdisciplinary Autodidacts

Join fellow autodidacts to explore generative interdisciplinary questions and create public artifacts together, to leverage the web for building a career with more professional autonomy.

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Learning Goals

Interdisciplinary learning in the 2020s is a disproportionate advantage for autodidacts who value high leverage and autonomy in their professional life. An autodidact's process continues to evolve as the broader landscape of knowledge as well as the specific context of his domain-of-interest evolves. Networked thinking, regular curation of our information-diet, and peer-collaboration are some of the crucial elements that an interdisciplinary autodidact must internalize in his learning process, through practice.

In the House of Interdisciplinary Autodidacts, learners will explore the most-generative-edge of their self-picked interdisciplinary domain (a suggestive list of such domains will be provided but learners are free to choose something outside the list as well), discuss the personal process of autodidactism with peers, and use the newly acquired interdisciplinary knowledge to generate an unique artifact to share publicly.

Weekly Autodidact Challenges: A weekly topic chosen for self-directed learning, that club members will research on, share their learning with others on the forum and create something tangible with their learning. Potential topics include:

  1. Small-World Networks in Real World
  2. Incentive mechanisms in Game-Design
  3. NFTs/Social Tokens in Crypto
  4. Private space-tech industry
  5. Bioinformatics
  6. Living Spaces Design for Remote-Workers
  7. Next-gen Consumer Robotics
  8. Urban Public Spaces


There will be 5 Saturday meetups of 60-75 minutes each, on Zoom. There will be a hyperlink forum to continue the asynchronous discussion throughout the week. You will need 5-10 hours of self-learning time between the weekly meetups to independently explore the generative questions that arise during peer-discussion. Club members can also access the Discord Server with discussion lounge, resource-sharing channels, impromptu calls, and virtual coworking space.

Who Should Sign Up

Signup if:

  • you have interdisciplinary curiosity
  • you enjoy taking initiative
  • you value high autonomy in your professional life
  • you want to leverage collaboration to accelerate your upskilling process
  • you want to leverage your self-acquired knowledge to catch unconventional professional opportunities across disciplines

Don't Signup if:

  • you need spoon-feeding to gather learning resources on the web
  • you aim to have a career limited to a single traditional domain
  • you don't have 5 hours of self-learning time during the week
5 weeksUp to 12 learners

Interest in interdisciplinary internet exploration and professional autonomy. 5-10 hours per week for self-directed learning.

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