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Cohort #0

Aliveness! Through creative practice

This course is an invitation to remember, invent, and discover ways we can engage with our creativity and get back in touch with the parts of our lives that are joyful and meaningful.

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FRI, MAR 26 12:30 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

1. Wherever you are: choose to begin

FRI, APR 2 12:30 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

2. Who did I want to be? What did I want to do? What did it feel like to play?

FRI, APR 9 12:30 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

3. You are not alone! Doing the work, receiving help

FRI, APR 16 12:30 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

4. Share & Celebrate.. and then keep going !