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Hyperlink, Year One

By The Hyperlink Team | 2021-06-16

Happy birthday to Hyperlink!

The three of us officially joined forces in June 2020, so we're celebrating Hyperlink's first year — what we intend to be the first of many.


  • In August 2020, we launched our first batch of courses, developed in our initial Meta Course cohorts in June and July.
  • In the remainder of 2020 we launched two more batches of new courses, and also launched Learning Clubs.
  • This year, we've done launches every month since February. We've experimented with Learning Adventures and first steps towards Departments, as well as 4 more Meta Course cohorts and a number of events.
  • Finally, in the past several months, we've developed the initial version of Hyperspace! (reach out if you'd like to beta test)

By the numbers:

  • 500+ learners enrolled in a Hyperlink cohort
  • 77 cohorts ran or scheduled (37 courses and 14 clubs, 11 with multiple cohorts)
  • 35 one-off events (in about half a year)
  • 50 people facilitated something on Hyperlink
  • $60k+ total revenue (80% to Hyperlink creators)
  • 1k+ newsletter subscribers

What's next?

One year down, [∞ / ?!] to go.

We wrote some thoughts about our long-term vision last year. There are more of you following now, so we'd like to re-affirm these goals!

We're building Hyperlink to be…

  • A home for lifelong learning: contextual, personally determined curriculums; flexible structures and learning environments; continuity of learning…
  • A space for meaningful social experiences: intimate and transformative group learning, focused on both learner agency and communal engagement, niche interests and peer interactions…
  • An R&D lab for internet pedagogy: supporting research and experimentation in online learning, working with ambitious and creative educators, building infrastructure around this…
  • An engine for the creator economy: helping teachers channel knowledge and curiosity in sustainable ways, investing in relationships with early stage teachers, working to make many models possible…
  • A rhizomatic learning network: space for interconnected learning communities, from projects to clubs to courses and wider networks; blurring the lines between teachers, learners, schools, and institutions…

We're grateful to have you with us, and are excited to continue building Hyperlink together. And a special thanks to the learners and course creators who have been a part of Hyperlink so far!

If our mission resonates, a great way to help us is to:

a) share Hyperlink with a friend (point them here for updates), or

b) introduce us to someone we should talk to about teaching or other experiments

We're always eager to hear your ideas / feedback :)