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Learning Design

Essays and guides about aspects of creating great learning experiences.

Designing Accessible and Inclusive Learning

Things to consider in designing learning experiences that work well for as many people as possible.

New Shapes for Learning Experiences

Join us to experiment with new possibilities for collaborative learning.

Retros for Learning

How to use retrospective methods for learning, to gather useful feedback and make sure a course continues to improve.

Guide to Course Marketing

Hyperlink's in-progress playbook for getting the word out and attracting the right learners to your course.

Catalog of Course Structures

Possibilities for structure, from projects to discussions, theory to application, and structural dynamics that affect the shape of a course.

How to Think About Course Pricing

How much should a course cost? Let's explore a few different lenses and factors to consider.

What Can Courses Be?

There are courses and then there are courses! Here, we explain how we think about courses, and propose seven archetypes that expand ideas of what an online course can be.