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Virtual Museum Explorer Club

We'll go on tours via scavenger hunt through the virtual collections of world-class art museums.

CurriculumAll CohortsFacilitators

Learning Goals

Learn about art and how to explore digital collections.


  • Every week we'll take a digital collection and go spelunking through it, then share our finds with each other.
  • 10 min: We'll greet each other, get oriented to the collection, and decide together how to explore. (Examples: Scavenger hunt, or free association)
  • 30 min: We'll independently comb through the collection to find fun items. I'll create a Google Slides document for us to all post screenshots and links to what we find as we find them.
  • 20 min: We'll meet again to show and tell our favorite finds so far, and pick the museum for the following week.
  • Between meetings, I'll leave the Google Slides document up so we can keep adding new finds throughout the week

In previous cohorts, we've explored The Met, the Rijksmuseum, Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand), and the International Folk Art museum. We'll also be opening this up to libraries, which also have extensive online collections.

Who Should Sign Up

If you miss art museums or libraries in person and are up for exploring them virtually instead, this is for you!

4 weeksUp to 20 learners

Internet connection and curiosity!

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