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The Artist's Critique Circle

Weekly artist's forum to learn from each other, receive feedback, and share techniques. We'll explore a series of open prompts, followed by thoughtful critique and commentary among peers.

CurriculumAll CohortsFacilitators

Every week, we'll discuss & critique art! A series of open prompts, followed up with thoughtful critique and commentary by your peers. This club provides an artist's forum to learn from each other, receive feedback on your work, and share your techniques. Feedback will be centered around composition, values/saturation, tone, the message, and more. This will be a friendly space, but we aim for honest and open feedback.

Learning goals (what you'll cover; any specific questions, outcomes, artifacts)

  • To provide and receive thoughtful critique on your art process
  • To learn how to observe, analyze and interpret artwork
  • To offer a no-judgment zone for sharing your artwork in public

We'll meet weekly for an hour, will require 1-2 hours of work outside to respond to the prompt. We'll focus on critiquing 2D artwork - drawing, painting and digital art mediums are welcome!

Cost: $50 for 4 weeks

4 weeksUp to 10 learners

Interest in making 2D artwork and exchanging thoughtful critique with others.

This course is still a draft. You can enroll once the creator publishes it!

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