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Rhyme Writing Roundtable

A late night lyricism lounge; a friendly rap-writing critique club; a space for poetic play. Each meeting will be half group-writing session + half feedback session.

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Learning Goals

This club is primarily intended to create space for us to write together, focused on hip-hop lyricism / poetics. It's also a space to share (in written form and/or performed) our work in a friendly environment.


  • We'll meet weekly for 4 weeks, on Friday nights at 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern
  • Roughly one hour: ~30 mins writing / ~30 mins sharing and feedback (casual; might go a bit longer!)
  • Encouraged but not required: spend an addition couple hours a week on independent rhyme-writing

Who Should Sign Up

Anyone excited to get some intentional practice writing rhymes, and thoughtful feedback from a group of peers! You don't have to have lots of experience with rap lyricism, but you should be interested in poetry and eager to write and share with others.

4 weeks

Interest in writing and sharing hip-hop lyrics; you likely have some experience with poetry / performance, but no specific rapping experience required.

This course is still a draft. You can enroll once the creator publishes it!

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