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Newsletter Creator Club

Join to build a consistent newsletter practice. We'll each create a system for writing and publishing, talk tools and platforms, share feedback, and get comfortable writing in public together.

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What's This All About?

Consider this the first-time Newsletter Creator Club! Bring your dedicated/aspiring writer friends with you!

In the Newsletter Creator Club, we will explore the power of being a dedicated group writing online together, with the shared goal of publishing our work consistently.

The best way to learn about writing publicly, is writing publicly with others. Come experiment and see what it means to join a cohort of fellow writers in setting yourself stern deadlines and sticking to it.

Learning Goals?

The Newsletter Creator Club is a club dedicated to those seeking to sharing their writing publicly, transforming it from a wish to a dedicated practice by the end of our club's duration. The ideal outcome for this course is publishing your writing consistently by a set time every day, every week, bi-weekly and/or every month! We will be setting due dates to reach your moonshot of creating a newsletter.

You should expect to publish your writing consistently, at least weekly, for the duration of this club.


Weekly required meetings to discuss tools, tricks, and progress we have made in our writing. Sharing best practices.

Randomized 1:1 pairings to talk ideas with, additional form of accountability, as well as share written work for feedback.

2 hour co-working sessions hosted Tuesday-Friday, with optional weekend co-working sessions! We can discuss if we want to make some of these required or not.

Who Should Sign Up?

The ideal participant in this course is someone who is ready to develop their online voice. Someone who is willing to receive feedback constructively, and apply the lessons learned into their next artifact. Someone who embraces the Learning in Public mantra.

This club is not for someone who doesn't wish to post their writing publicly!

1 month

You should be starting a personal newsletter, or ready to start one asap. This may not be a fit if you've already been writing regularly for a long time, but could be great if you're looking to re-start or change directions with an existing newsletter.

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