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International Confectioneries

Every week we will make a different confectionery together! We will try to focus on desserts with diverse origins. Halva, Baklava, Mochi, Flan, Sfenj, Mooncakes, Jalebis, Yuuuuuuuuum~

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About this club

This is a fun space all about making things outside of our comfort zones, exploring diversity, and celebrating our individuality .

Sweets are often thought of as a precision science. You must never mess with the formula or you are surely inviting disaster. That's not really true. While there are definitely some parts of recipes you shouldn't mess with, there's lots of wiggle room when you learn the constraints. You don't have to a fancy pastry chef with a YouTube channel and a budget to make really amazing sweets. This club is about making stuff in real life!

Are you gluten or dairy intolerant? Do you abstain from certain foods? Are you having trouble finding the right ingredient? Do you not own the perfect set of equipment? Is your kitchen a tiny hole in the wall with an oven that doesn't even fit a full size baking tray? That's totally OK. In this club, we're going to make it work!

It's also a club where we make delicious sweet things. If you're into that, join!

Each Week

  • Every week we will join up on a zoom call. We'll have picked a recipe to try in the last meetup and spent the week gathering the ingredients and thinking about substitutions and tweaks we want to make.
  • We'll start making the dessert together! We'll go through each step together and help each other get the best possible results.
  • Once we're done, we can taste our creations! We'll think about what could have gone better and what you tweak if you were to make it again.
  • Finally, we'll pick a recipe to try for the next week. What we can make will depend somewhat on the availability of ingredients in our areas, and what equipment we have in our kitchens. Come prepared with some suggestions!

About the facilitator

Hello! My name is Celine. I'd say I'm an above average confectionery maker. Maybe like an average contestant on the Great British Bake-off.

I started making desserts when I was 12. My own baking practice is heavily influenced by my background. I'm Korean-American and my mother, who taught me to bake, spent her childhood in Japan. The English language recipes I find and follow tend to be too heavy or too sweet and constantly find myself adjusting them and adding flavors from my own upbringing to make them taste like home.

4 weeks

No baking experience is required. You will need uninterrupted access to a kitchen.

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