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Framing Complex Ideas

How might we help readers internalize complex ideas? Grow your toolkit of communication techniques. We'll explore a range of perspectives (e.g. metaphors, storytelling, non-linear formats).

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Learning Goals

This course will cover the theoretical and practical tools for distilling and transmitting complex ideas so that readers deeply internalize them.

The discussion will focus on:

  • systematic approaches to deconstructing and reconstructing complex ideas
  • various strategies for communicating the ideas in a resonant way
  • theoretical and scientific underpinnings related to the above

There will also be optional weekly challenges:

  • take an explanation you really like and remix it for a different audience
  • find a novel metaphor to describe an idea you're curious about

On a collective level, we'll collaboratively think about how we could build tools to help writers conduct linguistic research or search for resonant ideas (analogous to SEO tools for marketers).

A bit about myself

I have been writing online for the past few years, focusing on making neuroscience more approachable and applicable to everyday life. Outside of writing, I used to be a neuroscience researcher and I work as a product manager at a tech startup.

I think a lot about effective communication from a scientific lens (e.g. metacognition, learning theory, linguistics) and I wanted to share the resources I've found to be most useful over the past few years.

I'm also starting this club because I'm personally interested in continuing to improve as a science communicator. I hope to bring together a group of curious people that already think deeply about these concepts and want a community-oriented learning experience.

Structure and commitment

There will be 5 sessions in total, alternating between theoretical and practical discussions. Every week, we will meet as a group for about 60 minutes to reflect on the reading.

This is the minimum commitment for a club member, but we will also have optional sessions to share what we've been working on or continue our discussions.

Who should sign up

The ideal participant is someone that wants to level up as a communicator. They are at any point in their journey as a creator, whether it's blogging, podcasting, or making videos. It's possible they are already experienced but would like to grow their toolbox of techniques and engage in discussion with others who are thinking deeply about communicating complex ideas.

If you have a purely theoretical interest and have no plans for applying any of the ideas and techniques into practice, this club is probably not for you. That being said, writers at any stage are welcome - even if you’ve haven’t published anything yet!

5 weeksUp to 20 learners

You should want to level up as a communicator, and put ideas and techniques into practice (not just explore theory). Creators at any stage are welcome!

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