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De-Coding Internet Business

Introduction to the no-code tool landscape — we'll deconstruct popular internet businesses into their components, then show how these components could be made and assembled without coding.

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What's This All About?

The internet is teeming with websites that make money. Maybe you have been thinking of an idea how you could do something like this. But there seems no way to get started, because of all the technical know-how you don't have. Only tech whiz-kids and programmers (often as teams) can do this. Right?

Absolutely not true!

Many sites nowadays were envisioned and implemented without writing any software code at all. How is this being done? With NoCode tools. NoCode tools are simply that good.

Learning Goals

The goal of the De-Coding Internet Business Club is to demystify what actually is going on inside what you see on a website that makes money. We'll take 4 types of internet businesses and break each down into the component parts: the screens they use, the data they collect, the processes they need, and then show you how in general, these pieces can be re-made using NoCode tools. Then, we'll discuss what we found and see if there are parts that you could adapt to use in your own business idea. By the end of the club, you will no longer feel that you can't create your own business. You'll know what you need to do.

There will be a follow-up course where we take your newfound confidence and ideas and show how they can be specifically turned into a business by creating an internet business from scratch. With that template, you will be able to plan your own business.

A future club might be created to allow you to bring your questions to the club to be discussed with your peers while you actually build your own business


(Update: July 9, 2021. The sessions will be recorded for times when you can't make the live sessions. I will pause the recording for anyone who doesn't want to be recorded. If there are any concerns, simply let me know. Recorded sessions will be privately available to all cohort members on YouTube.)

The course will be 6 weeks in length, meeting for an hour, once a week.

In week 1, I'll introduce the general business model and also introduce the 4 business types that we will be studying in weeks 2-5. In the 6th week, we'll summarize what we've learned and discuss how you can go forward with your own ideas.

Currently, we will be covering the following 2 business types:

  1. Paid Courses sites (like udemy.com, eduonix.com)
  2. e-Product Sales sites (like gumroad.com)

The final 2 business types will be voted on by the club members but can be:

  • Paid Newsletter sites (like substack.com)
  • Paid Membership sites (like nesslabs.com)

Each week will consist of 20 minutes of content followed by 40 minutes of discussion where we look into how the pieces we saw are needed, what variability they can have, and what NoCode tools are available to do them.

I fully expect that some weeks, our conversations will need more time than the hour allocated. Therefore, I will remain after the hour for another 30 minutes to be sure we all reach a good point for the week.

Who Should Sign Up

The De-Coding Internet Business Club will be most suitable if you are:

  1. curious about how various internet businesses are constructed,
  2. have an idea how you could make money this way, and
  3. have some familiarity with web businesses in some way (use them often, design them, review them, test them)

For example,

  • you are a graphics or web designer who works with tech in that capacity but want to go further
  • you are an IT manager, or previous coder but want to build something without having to code it from scratch
  • you are a member of online communities, purchase services online, and generally feel you know how things work with internet business, and now you want to build your own business but without the coding you thought was needed

You will get the most out of the club if you enjoy discussing your ideas with others who are just as eager as you for all of you to succeed.

Who shouldn't take the course

This club assumes a basic yearning to understand internet business and their communities. So if you are a casual web browser, then we might go into a depth that will not interest you.

Nonetheless, the move from casual to interested to avid can be a rapid one, so if the club's description seems interesting you might want to join.

6 weeksUp to 10 learners

For designers, makers, and aspiring entrepreneurs — anyone tech-adjacent, with ideas for an internet business and looking to learn how to bring those ideas to life.

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