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Come learn about crypto and cryptoeconomics, and maybe develop a fun dapp along the way. More study group than hype.

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Learning Goals

The Cryptoeconomics Club.

The Club is for those interested in studying more about cryptocurrencies and how they may shape the future. During the course we will cover:

  • Quick basics into Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • What's next in Crypto
  • Basics of Solidity and making a dApp
  • NFTs and what's upcoming in Ethereum
  • Make a DAO
  • Cryptocurrency incentive structures and how certain protocols work
  • The intersection between society, cryptocurrency and economics


Each session will roughly be 1.5 hours.

This course will be shaped also by the participants so some of the goals and objectives may vary based on interaction.

Who Should Sign Up

If you are keen to get into crypto, learn about crypto, ponder about how it intersects with future society or build something in the space.

Only enthusiasm is required :)

6 weeksUp to 12 learners

Interest in learning and experimenting with cryptoeconomics.

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