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Book Club on How To Build A Habitable Planet

We'll be reading How To Build A Habitable Planet, exploring the geological, environmental, and historical-physical foundations our lives are based upon — and learning to view the world differently.

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What is this?

This is a reading group oriented around the question and book: How to Build a Habitable Planet? Carl Sagan once said 'if you want you make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe'. In order to get to the world of technology, politics, and possibility that we inhabit today, we first needed an earth. This learning group will collectively be building a model for how our planet came about.

Learning Goals

Every week we'll be going through one chapter from the book, which presents a new scientific-historical lens for making sense of the natural infrastructure that surrounds us and makes the world a place that humans can inhabit. The ultimate aim is to acquire a series of lenses to better appreciate the primitives of life on earth - and hopefully use those lenses to inspire future investigations into ways we can build new earths (on Mars?), or make our current earth more resilient (geo-engineering?).

I would encourage you to check out the table of contents of the book to glean a better view of the ideas we'll be exploring.


  1. We'll be hosting weekly discussions and exploration sessions, as well as cultivating a group chat for ambient note-taking and riffing.
  2. The calls will likely be in the morning/early afternoon US time, evening Europe time.
  3. The time commitment for this will be ~5-7 hours/week.
  4. We'll also be exploring with various mediums and formats to enhance the learning experience; like Figma, Muze, etc.
  5. The reading schedule will be at one week per chapter.

Who Should Sign Up

Anyone who wants to experience increased awe and re-mystify their understanding of the planet we live on. People interested in a multi-disciplinary entry point to understanding our physical world.

How Much Does This Cost?


About Your Facilitator

hey! 👋 - I'm Krish, I tweet a lot about various topics I'm interested in @krishkhubchand, current law student in London, and you can probably get a decent idea of my intellectual background via are.na and goodreads. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or here.

The internet can be kind of faceless, so here's a picture of me and my grandpa (who's 100x cool than I am): image|499x500, 50%

12 weeksUp to 20 learners

Curiosity about the physical and historical underpinnings of the world around us, enjoyment of multi-disciplinary thinking, and willingness to direct earnest energy towards the unknown.

This course is still a draft. You can enroll once the creator publishes it!

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