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Breaking (and Remaking) News

A structured reading and brainstorming group about the past/future of news media, centering the book Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger.

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My name is Jasmine, and I'm fascinated by social and information ecosystems. Like a lot of folks, I've been concerned about mis/disinformation, echo chambers, and clickbait; and I feel simultaneously frustrated and sympathetic with the declining trust in traditional experts.

I read Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger this summer and was totally engrossed. It's rich without being dry, and reflects many modern debates on journalism with the longtime perspective of someone who's seen the industry evolve over decades. (I also wrote a book review here.)

I definitely want to reread it with a more analytical eye and to think through the implications with a group. I've had a great experience running small-scale book clubs and large-scale author events before, and would love if you joined me.

Learning Goals

Our learning goals are primarily based on learning rather than concrete deliverables, but we'll be using a shared Notion to track our learning.

  • Understand the recent history of news in the UK/US
  • Learn the business and philosophical underpinnings of modern news
  • Map how social media has shifted the news landscape in good and bad ways
  • Brainstorm and compare visions for the future of news


We'll meet for 1 hour, every Sunday, for 6 weeks. The workload is reading ~75 pages of the book and co-facilitating one discussion session.

Who Should Sign Up

Anyone interested in the past/present/future of information media.

We'll discuss legacy publications, social media, new players (Substack, Medium), and more. We're striving to be optimistic about both journalism and technology.

6 weeksUp to 15 learners

Interest in news / media, and a copy of the book Breaking News: The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters.

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